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Kopi Gotong Royong



اسم العلامة التجارية

Kopi Gotong Royong


Foods and Drinks

سنة التأسيس 


بلد المنشأ


عدد الفروع


رسوم الامتياز / الوحدة

10,000 USD

نسبة حقوق الامتياز

5 %

رسوم التسويق

2.5 %

المناطق المتاحة

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman

الموقع الكتروني
حول العلامة التجارية

Kopi Gotong Royong is a green bean blockchain-based marketplace developed by
kopi ketjil in 2021. It is an Indonesia Coffee collaboration. Embracing the
Indonesian local wisdom called "GOTONG ROYONG' which means togetherness
in mutual collaboration to connect:
small-lot Coffee farmers and processors across the Indonesian archipelago
and small-batch Coffee roasters and brewers globally. Through a
collaborative onsite green bean hub facility and blockchain-based
marketplace to source traceability and financing from farm to cup.
kopi ketjil itself is a community-based third-wave artisan Coffee based in
the cultural city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
kopi ketjil itself means 'small coffee,' a small bean with great value. After
several small steps started in 2010, kopi ketjil was launched in 2014.
Together with the farmers' community, we prepare the best Indonesian
green bean to be roasted with heart and passion from our humble roasters.
We are focusing on the best single-origin Indonesian Coffee.

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