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كبسة صح

كبسة صح

Foods and Drinks

سنة التأسيس 


بلد المنشأ

Saudi Arabia

عدد الفروع


رسوم الامتياز / الوحدة

200.000 SAR

نسبة حقوق الامتياز

7 %

رسوم التسويق


المناطق المتاحة

جدة – مكة – الرياض – الشرقية – المدينة المنورة

الموقع الكتروني
حول العلامة التجارية

Kabsa Seha Company is a Saudi investment company, which is one of the largest companies in the world The field of restaurant management and operation within the Kingdom, which aims to achieve leadership in Food activity, and that the company has the highest investments in the Saudi market The company offers a franchise right to use the name and trademark of the chain of restaurants Kabsa Seha inside and outside the Kingdom, where Kabsa Seha restaurants started receiving its guests in its first branch in Khamis Mushait, Uhud Rufaida, and it continues to lead in preparing Authentic folk food, by paying attention to all its details of a distinctive taste and high quality, And presented in the best way, as well as the company took care of hiring specialized cadres In all areas of operational,

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