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Golden Fork Restaurant
Golden Fork Restaurant

Golden Fork Restaurant

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Foods and Drinks

سنة التأسيس 


بلد المنشأ

United Arab Emirates

عدد الفروع


رسوم الامتياز / الوحدة

14000 USD

نسبة حقوق الامتياز


رسوم التسويق


المناطق المتاحة

الموقع الكتروني
حول العلامة التجارية

Golden Fork: From humble origins, we've become synonymous with exceptional dining and quality. It stands as UAE's largest seafood restaurant chain since 1980, with 14 outlets across the country.

At Golden Fork's heart is crafting remarkable seafood dishes. Chefs select the freshest ingredients, each plate echoing flavors and traditions. Our franchise model invites entrepreneurs to our legacy, with a proven track record, robust support, and brand reputation empowering them.

Sustainability is ingrained in our operations. Responsible sourcing and community support reflect our positive environmental impact.

Golden Fork stands as UAE's vibrant dining testament, offering maritime paradise to all. Join us, in celebrating a legacy of exceptional seafood, and embrace extraordinary experiences.

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