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3DIMINSIONS is one of the leading Exhibitions and events management companies headquartered in the Eastern Province. It has achieved great success at an international level and has formed a wide range of partners through its various Exhibitions, Events and international and Arab participations through which it has gained many professional experience and methods in the field of regulation, More

Why Financial Excellence?

The Financial Excellence Forum and Exhibition is the first qualitative event open to the public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with special interest in the most important investment topics, new services in all financial industries, and international best practices
This event brings together major financial companies, international exhibitors and sponsors, as they showcase their latest services and products
related to money, investment and credit. More than 1,500 visitors, will search for unparalleled opportunities,
It also includes an elite group of experts in all financial industries who will share their wealth of knowledge with the public through the meetings that will be held during the forum period.



- Raising financial awareness
- Closing the gap between service providers and foreign investors
- Alignment with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and the Ministry of Finance’s vision of the fiscal balance for the year 2023



- Creating an attractive environment for investors to enhance their confidence in the economy.
- Creating an attractive environment for both local and international investors and enhancing their confidence in the Kingdom's economy.
- Achieving a global leadership position in asset management, finance and investment

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