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The Organizers and Franchise experts consider that the international orientation in franchise exhibitions is the most important reason for the success of its ability to provide different experiences and strong and diversified brands that allow during the exhibition period to exchange them and provide opportunities for everyone to give and take brands easily and with multiple ideas.
Therefore, the international exhibition, which is organized by 3Dimensions, is considered one of the leading companies in the franchise exhibitions, and its sixth edition is an excellent platform for this important investment orientation. We also care about the presence of consultants and specialists in this sector to provide their best, which helps entrepreneurs a lot in making their decisions. It is known that there are many government agencies interested in this type of exhibition that encourages and supports the franchise sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abeer Julaih


Exhibition Objectives 

  • Meeting businessmen and investors to close agreements and trade exchange.

  • An opportunity for entrepreneurs to own successful projects through investment via brands.

  • Finding agents and distributors inside Saudi Arabia and out.

  • An opportunity to get the support provided by government agencies for small and medium enterprises.

  • An opportunity to obtain financing for projects and brands through the financing services provided at the exhibition.

  • Meeting suppliers and service providers

  • Promotion of the Franchise industry, which keeps pace with the Kingdom's national transformation according to Vision 2030.

  • Open the way for investors and young entrepreneurs to obtain local and international opportunities.

  • An opportunity for national brands to spread inside and outside the Kingdom.

  • Providing and displaying suitable commercial real estate opportunities as trademark sites

  • An opportunity for business exchange through the presence of trademark donors and investors.

  • Presenting successful experiences in the field of franchise to benefit from its expertise.

  • The opportunity of meeting companies concerned with operating systems for franchise works.

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